SIG3D supports the entire life cycle of 3D city models, ranging from standards for 3D city models like CityGML, through modeling with quality assured properties and the creation and continuation of 3D city models with the following main topics


The continuation of 3D city models ensures your investment in existing city models. It is, indeed, in everyday life the most complex and demanding part of the provision and use of 3D city models.

Usually you can either manually update your 3D city models, create automatically new derived models from raw data, or integrate a couple of 3D city models into one single model.

You can work on this topic in our SIG3D Continuation Working Group!

3D Land Regfistry

The integration of 3D city models into the official surveying data and especially the medium- and long-term integration of the 3rd dimension into the official building models represent a real challenge to the official surveying and mapping.

You can work on this topic in our SIG3D 3D Land Registry Working Group.


Standards ensure your investment in 3D city models and applications based on them. They are the prerequisite for a continuation of standardised 3D city models.
SIG3D supports the standardisation at all levels, on the national German level in the definition of GeoInfoDok, on an European level SIG3D heavily influenced the definition of the INSPIRE Building Model and in the international arena by working on the definitions of OGC CityGML or OGC Web Services

You can work on this topic in our SIG3D Modeling Working Group.


The basis for a successful cooperation between different parties involved in the development, operation and use of 3D city models are quality-assured 3D city models.
SIG3D creates and influences conditions for the definition of 3D city models with guaranteed properties e.g. through its quality approach with modeling and test guides.
Moreover, SIG3D is also engaged in the international framework working on quality aspects of 3D city models, for example as participant of the OGC Quality Interoperability Experiment.

You can work on this topic in our SIG3D Quality Working Group!