SIG3D Working Groups

SIG3D is looking forward to your commitment. An active and competent cooperation is the basis of the working results of SIG 3D. You can participate in one or more of your favourite working groups, or present your work or specific questions to a wider audiance on topics of 3D urban and regional modeling, 3D geographic information systems and 3D visualization.

The SIG 3D and its working groups are open to anyone interested. Its members come from Germany and some European countries. Newcomers from all over Europe are always welcome.

Each member of SIG3D should declare their willingness to support the efforts by consensus and in particular with an active contribution. Membership begins with the signing of the Declaration of Membership of the SIG3D.

The jointly developed results are available to all members as part of the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer. In our opinion this is the only way to achieve synergy effects and minimize redundant activities. There is a free use and exploitation of work results achieved jointly by members within the SIG3D.

The working groups of SIG3D also meet outside the SIG3D plenary sessions, either to live meetings repectively in web meetings.